Wholesale Tamara Baskin

About the Artist

Born and raised in Israel, Tamara Baskin moved to the United States where she began her career in art. She had twenty years experience working in several mediums, but was drawn to the art of fused glass production.

Her emphasis was in creating elegant but functional pieces designed to celecbrate Jewish life cycles. Tamara became a true leader in the glass industry in both judaica and non-judaica guilds throughout the world.

Currently Tamara Baskin Art Glass designs and manufactures some of the most unique, functional art pieces on the market today.

Her legacy is carried on by our commitment to build and expand on classic designs and techniques Tamara made so popular in her work.

“Every piece I design is an extension of myself.”

-Tamara Baskin

Guaranteed for Life

Your Tamara Baskin Art Glass item is Guaranteed to last for life. At anytime, if your Tamara Baskin item needs repair because something happened to your piece that is not Our fault. Please simply send it back and we will make it whole again.

Guaranteed to Sell

If you are one of our beloved Retailers selling our merchandise you may return your purchased Tamara Baskin item(s) at any time for credit. Sometimes you may feel like an item has been sitting and you want to refresh. Just send it back and we'll swap it out for something else. No worries!

We hand make all our items from scratch in our studio. We take great pride in our work, and trust me it is a lot of work! We bring in large crates of raw sheet glass and then we proceed to design, hand cut, hand assemble, fire, slump, grind, sandblast, adhere and a whole lot more by hand ourselves in our studio.

Your item is a direct product of that painstaking craftsmanship and no two pieces come out exactly alike.Believe me when I say - Your Item Is One of a Kind.