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Frequently Asked Questions


I just placed an order. When do you expect it to ship?

1-3 days if the item is in stock, otherwise it could take up to 2 weeks. If you need an item by a specific date please let us know immediately.

FAQ Question

I received a broken item, or something else is wrong with a Tamara Baskin item that I own. What can be done about it?

All out products carry a Lifetime Guarantee. We will do all we can in order to make your item whole again at no cost if it is our fault. For details on our Lifetime Guarantee please scroll down to see the information below.

FAQ Question

How do I hang my Mezuzah?

For Mezuzah hanging instructions, and all other item care instructions please see below.

FAQ Question

I need a specific item but I don't see it on your website, can I still get it?

Maybe. Please call to discuss,561.272.6554. If we have the material we will make it for you, it just depends on the item.

FAQ Question

Will the item I receive look just like the one in the picture?

Slight color variance does happen, but the actual design will always be the same. Please keep in mind that all our items are handmade and no two are exactly alike. That is what makes the item you receive so unique! If you have further questions please just give us a call. 561.272.6554.

FAQ Question

I'm a retailer who is interested in selling your work. How do I go about starting an account?

Sounds great! Please just give us a call 561.272.6554, or Register online. Once we receive your information, we will be in touch to talk and answer any questions you may have.

How to Care for Your Tamara Baskin Art Glass Piece

Mezuzah Hanging instructions:

The Mezuzah is affixed:
  • On the right doorpost as one enters.
  • In a slanted position with top pointed to inside of room.
  • In the upper third of doorpost height (shoulder high).
  • On outer 3.2 inches of doorpost width.

Menorah Care

First and foremost, it's always best to use high quality drip less candles. If you do end up with wax after use please use a hair dryer to soften wax, then gently use a plastic utensil to remove excess wax. Never submerse item in hot water or put in dishwasher. Use gentle care.

Plate Care:

All Plates should be hand washed and wiped clean. Do not put in dishwasher or submerse in hot water. The glass is Art Glass and is not tempered.

Wine Glasses

Please simply hand wash and let to air dry.

Candle Holders:

Please see Menorah Care Instructions.